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Small Scale Appliances For Small And Tiny Kitchens

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This is a 24 inch range from BlueStar’s Small Space collection.Photo courtesy of BlueStar; Jessica Smith designer

With the increase of smaller houses and apartments  in the United States and around the world, many companies are producing high performance, beautiful small-space appliances. However small the living space may be, people still want the convenience of a stove, hood, dishwasher, microwave,  refrigerator and washer/dryer. Appliance manufacturers are meeting the demand for smaller units by producing new smaller products – freestanding and built-in.

According to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), estimates that the retail value of the compact market ia approaching one billion dollars.

These smaller-space appliances are being used in tiny and small houses, apartments, guest houses, RVs,  Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) and in larger houses with in-law suites and entertainment centers.

This small kitchen by Haier includes a washer/dryer combo, refrigerator and stove – all small size.Photo courtesy of Haier

According to Brian Huston, brand director of Haier, the company has  discovered that eco-conscious millennials are interested in small-space appliances because they use less energy to run compared to full-sized appliances.

Several small appliances are shown in this model kitchen.Photo courtesy of Bosch

These small space appliances are available in several  sizes from 18 to 28 inch wide in refrigerators,  ranges,  exhaust hoods,  dishwashers, built-in coffee makers and  washers and dryers.

According to designer Kim Lewis for BlueStar,“Appliances must be compact, yet functional in tiny kitchens. Countertop space comes at a premium, so ‘multifunctional’ is the key word to designing small spaces.” Combining multiple appliances into one can be a major space saver. Rather than having both a vent hood and a microwave in the kitchen, Haier offers a 24-inch over-the-range microwave that also has a hidden vent included, to help save even more space. They also offer a 24-inch washer and dryer combo. Clothes are put in the 24 inch unit for washing and then does not have to be moved to be dried.

Other small size washers and dryers are available in side by side and stacked models.

This is a 24 inch range from BlueStar’s Small Space collection. BlueStar offerPhoto courtesy of BlueStar; Kim Lewis Designer-photo by Joey Puterbaugh

The small-space appliance industry used to design products with only size in mind leaving the appliances to appear dull and boring. Now manufacturers use high quality materials, including stainless steel, colors and a variety of features and performance found in full-sized appliances, just on a smaller scale.  Cooktops are available in gas, electric and induction.

It is important in small kitchens that the appliances do not protrude “Appliances must be compact, yet functional in tiny kitchens. Countertop space comes at a premium, so ‘multifunctional’ is the key word to designing small spaces. 

In small spaces, it’s important that appliances don’t protrude into open space in the kitchen limiting space further. Bosch has designed built-in refrigerator models that sit flush with kitchen cabinetry. They have added lots of  luxury features to their small space appliances with  custom panels available to match their surrounding cabinetry, updated induction cooktops with such options as interface control panels, a pull-out visor hood that stores  inside the unit when the ventilation is not in use. and a home app to alert the homeowner if the freezer was accidently left open.

In certain spaces, small-space appliances can make the kitchen appear more spacious than using a full-sized appliance. Smaller appliances in a smaller space make the kitchen feel proportional and leave more room for storage and countertops or dining surfaces. 

Today the design and  performance of appliances are not compromised by size.

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