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Billionaire David Rubenstein on Private Equity and His Life

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A speech and Q&A by David Rubenstein. David speaks about how he got into Private equity and created the Carlyle Group, which is the largest Private Equity fund in the world (2016). He gives valuable insights into his career such as how he was not qualified for private equity, nor had any experience in it but still succeed. He had originally worked in politics.

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Video Segments:
0:01 Start
1:10 Background/ Early life
11:12 Staring out in Private Equity
13:40 What we did different
18:50 Philanthropy
23:37 What it means to be a entrepreneur/The kind of people I hire
27:46 The USA’s economy
35:25 Start of Q&A
35:29 Advice for someone looking to go into public service?
37:30 What is the greatest challenge facing your company and the industry?
41:00 Views on tax promoted income as ordinary income rather than capital gains?
45:02 How much of your success to you attribute picking winners vs raising funds?
48:19 What frustrates you the most about the philanthropic habits of the wealthy?
50:37 Influence of faith on your career and philanthropy?
52:31 Over the history of Carlyle, is there one deal that sticks out in your mind?
55:01 What do you think is the key piece missing from business school education?
57:04 What made the Carlyle group successful?
58:49 How did you convince people to give you 5 million for your first fund?

Interview Date: April 12th, 2011
Location: Robert H. Smith School of Business
Supporting document:
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